Greene Trails Cycling Classic

Greene County Parks & Trails is please to host the 10th anniversary celebration of the Greene Trails Cycling Classic. This event will be held July 17-21, 2013. It will be held at Fairgrounds Recreation Center 210 Fairgrounds Rd. Xenia, Oh 45385.


Been away from this site for awhile

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Texas ended early, and came back to STL. Tons of work done there and little play. I have been cycling more consistently this year and at a higher level than the last 2. Would still like to see that elusive cat upgrade, but just can't seem to get the points needed. I've added TTs, Track, and CX to the RR and crit activities which keeps me very busy.


3.31.12 Now where was I...?

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I just stumbled across my last blog post. Dated 2.13.11 and titled "Step 4," it described my steps towards returning to fitness after an ankle injury about six months earlier.

Now, it's a year later. I've ridden almost 10,000 mils since then. My numbers for 2012 look like this:

January: 556
February: 580
March: 825


Coffee Time

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This is my favorite part of the day. The part that comes right after I get off my bike.

I just finished a good 2 hours at a decent tempo pace. Not enough to really drain the tank, but enough to need a refill. Just right. I have a little bit of that "runner's high" thing going on; I have an appetite; and I'm just a little tired.


2.13.11 Step 4

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Note to self: Stop numbering posts as "Step X"

Today was too nice a day not to ride.


2.12.11 Step 3

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Note to self: Six days between steps is too long.

Have I whined lately about how busy I am at work, and how this huge project is eating up all my free time, and how I have not time to get to the health club and, if I did, I wouldn't have the energy? Have I been a cry baby about this recently?

I hope not.

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